Body Casting Commissions

Body casting, also known as life casting, is the process of taking a mould directly from the body to produce a sculpture as technically accurate as a photograph.

Body casting is a dramatic sculpting technique which has a long history and an established following. Life casting has been an essential part of the art of masters like Rodin, to modern artists like Anthony Gormley. Life casting, like portrait photography, is a lot more than simply copying the body. It is another tool the artist can use to capture his subject. The process lends itself perfectly to portrait sculpture and can be used to great effect to portray clients in a vital and wonderful way.

We can life cast almost anything, from torsos to whole bodies, from hands and feet to portraits. Completed body casts can be made from a range of materials from traditional white plaster to cold-cast resins, or foundry-cast metals, such as bronze or aluminium.

If you would like to commission a body cast of yourself or your loved one to produce an enduring and unique, beautiful work of art please contact David to discuss.