David Mackay Harrison accepts requests for original private and corporate art commissions. He has an extensive portfolio of commission artworks in both painting and sculpture. David will closely consult with you on all aspects of your commission to ensure that you are entirely happy.

Sculpture Commissions

Your commission might be a realistic life size sculpture as a special tribute to someone close to you, or it might be an abstract or contemporary decorative sculpture. David works in clay and casts all work in bronze at his Bronz-Worx Foundry in Ballina – where he can personally over-see the production of the final artwork.

Portrait and Landscape Commissions

A portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of that special person in your life. Alternatively you may desire a landscape to grace the wall of your favourite inner sanctum.

What ever you decide, David will be happy to meet with you at his studio in Ballina to discuss your requirements. Contact David by telephone (02) 6686 3053 or 0412 664 284 or email David to arrange an appointment.